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02 June 2014 @ 10:20 pm
Yoshitaka Yuriko  
Main Character:

/Matsumoto Jun

* Twisted, by yumenosete. (G)
Summary: It's twisted, messed up, and the more I think about it it's crazy, but so what? I may never understand it.

/Naka Riisa

* Restive, by whenyoudesertme. (PG-13)

/Ninomiya Kazunari

* Don't Feed the Trolls, by angelshill. (NC-17)
Summary: It was a bet he knew he should never have made!

* That Which You Gave to Me, by boku_no_yuuki. (PG)
Summary: It all begins on the steps of the university library.

* Relationship: It's Complicated Love, by cry1baby. (R)
Summary: He was a cynic and she was just weird. Together they were perfect.

* Wear Her Out, by cry1baby. (NC-17)
Summary: “They had gone on their fifth date already and it was only now were they getting this intimate, seeming how he’s been dubbed a ‘sexual powerhouse’."

* Breaking Zero Kelvin, by dreamweavernyx. (appears incomplete, link goes to tag; unrated)
Summary: AU. They are two runaways, chased out of society through a deep-rooted stigma though they have no say in it at all. Only relying on word-of-mouth rumours and a set of sketchy directions, they now have to set out on their own journey to accomplish the impossible: escape.

* Beautiful Thing, by filthinbeau. (Mature)
Summary: Nino turned into a saviour one night. And he just got lucky.

* A Leap of Faith, by icecreamsuki. (PG-13)
Summary: Nino and Yuriko are childhood friends. In this story, they are both 28 years old already, and they look back and reminisce.

* The Best Reward, by jadenmd. (NC-17)
Summary: Set right after Yuriko's VIP Room. Enough said.

* Drabble #1, by jadenmd. (Unrated)

* Imagine, by jadenmd. (R)
Summary: When two lost souls meet, they suddenly experience something extraordinary they could not experience with anyone else. And this is their story.

* That Treasured Comfort, by jadenmd. (G)

* This Temptation, by jadenmd. (NC-17)
Summary: Yuriko is wearing a pretty dress on the new GANTZ presscon, and Nino just cannot restrain himself.

* Be with You, by nightbaron079. (Unrated)
Summary: Your voice, that smile, all of it.

* Smile, by nightbaron079. (Unrated)
Summary: Look, it will make you smile.

* A Different Kind of Strange, by novemberbaby. (G)
Summary: She’s more than just weird, but everything she does and says seems to make sense to him.

* Hunger, by novemberbaby. (NC-17)
Summary: Yuriko comes over to his place to make gyoza, and Nino decides that he is hungry for something else.

* Is That the Truth?, by rika_rin. (PG)
Summary: Their conversations before and after VIP Room. "I think you were just hoping I would."

* What the Other Members Knew (That Nino Didn't), by rika_rin. (PG)
Summary: Nino’s a smart person. He would easily catch on to things and would make a quick and witty comeback to tease the others. Sometimes though, Jun wonders if Nino lacked cleverness when it comes to figuring out the more important things.

* Lips of an Angel, by yoshi09. (PG)
Summary: Nino gets into a fight with his girlfriend and receives an unexpected phone call from a friend. Written in response to the rumors of Nino dating Nozomi Sasaki.

Gen, Multiples, and/or Complicated Things

* A Winter Night... A Summer Day... Part One, Part Two, by lildaisy06. (Yoshitaka Yuriko/Ohno Satoshi, Yoshitaka Yuriko/Aiba Masaki; unrated)

* My Big Fat Arashi Omiai (Or How to Be the Marriage Mascot of Tomorrow), by literarylemming. ("MatsuJun/ Inoue Mao, Sakurai Sho/Horikita Maki, Aiba Masaki/Becky, Ohno Satoshi/Ishihara Satomi, Ninomiya Kazunari/Yoshitaka Yuriko"; R)
Summary: Desperate to see more happy marriages and babies born in their country, the Japanese government turns to beloved national super idols Arashi to lead the charge.

* Squaring the Circle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), by wendyjoly. ("Sakumiya Yama , Ninomiya Kazunari/Yuriko Yoshitaka"; R)
Summary: Sakurai Sho, Yuriko Yoshitaka and Ninomiya Kazunari shared a dormitory at the university. Soon after their graduation Nino and Yuri get married but years after, as they’re spending a week-end with their old friend, a secret of their past reappears.

* Glitter, by whenyoudesertme. ("Perfume OT3; Karina/Oshima Yuko/Yoshitaka Yuriko"; PG)
Summary: An exciting day with much on the line for rivals Perfume and the Reason.

Secondary Character:

* (Untitled), by __sine. (PG)

* Seeing Double, by angelshill. (Yoshitaka Yuriko/Ninomiya Kazunari; PG)
Summary: Nino thought the rest of Arashi kept on saying they've been seeing him elsewhere... or so he thought...

* Destination Wedding, by astrangestorm. ("Sakurai Sho/Kitagawa Keiko; side pairings: Nino/Yoshitaka Yuriko, Aiba/Rola, Jun/Shibasaki Kou"; NC-17)
Summary: "The universe aligns, and she's there, and you'd be a fool to doubt yourself." A single guy, a single lady, and a week in Okinawa for a friend's wedding.

* Magical Song, by astrangerenters. ("Aiba/Becky; Becky + Arashi friendship; Yoshitaka Yuriko"; PG-13)
Summary: Up and coming actor Aiba Masaki seeks the advice of fortune teller Becky. And that's just the beginning.

* The Thing About Hills, by gimmickgamer. ("AibaxNinoxOhno and JunxSho"; PG-13)
Summary: Five years after disbanding, they run into each other again.

* A Wish Gone Wrong, by gimmickgamer. ("Ohmiya, NinoxYuriko, Junba, Sakumoto"; Mature)
Summary: A pointless argument leaves Nino wishing for something he shouldn’t have. This leads him to waking up to an alternate reality where Arashi never existed, where they were never close in the first place, and Nino doesn’t know what to do about it.

* You Are the Music in Me, by gimmickgamer. ("Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari, sort-of friendship Sakurai Sho/Matsumoto Jun"; PG-13)
Summary: Nino joins the Keio Glee Club after having a duet with a really cute, tanned guy during a karaoke session. But there are three problems: 1) Ohno is the lead singer of the Chiba Glee Club, who shares a long, intense rivalry with their school. 2) Their team captain has forbidden relationships with any member of the Chiba Glee Club or else they have their vocal chords cut off (not literally but you get the picture). 3) Nino just can’t help himself but fall for the lead singer despite the fact that he gets cold feet whenever Ohno closes the distance between them bit by bit.

* Practice (Technicality) on Your Heart, by gomushroom. (Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari; PG-13)
Summary: Nino co-stars with Matsumoto in an Ohno-Sensei art house film production.

* Stranger Things, by melonpaan. ("Ohkura Tadayoshi/Kiritani Mirei, Sakurai Sho/Horikita Maki, Ninomiya Kazunari/Yoshitaka Yuriko, plus a few surprise extras"; PG-13)
Summary: No one said love during Meiji Japan would be easy, especially if you’re a yokai, or an ex-samurai, a prince-to-be, an artisan, a demon child, or a bum. But hey, stranger things have happened.

* Orchestrated Chaos, by saitoplasm. (Unfinished at time of listing; Gen; G)
Summary: Aiba and Nino attempt to form a band, but their potential members end up being the most reluctant candidates: a singer who doesn't care about his voice, an honor student with no time for hobbies, and a first year lacking in confidence.

* Close Company, by whenyoudesertme. ("Asuka/Shuntaro (Lucky Seven), with Nino/Yoshitaka Yuriko, Aiba/Becky, and Sho/Maki, as well as the rest of the Lucky Seven team and a few other cameos"; PG-13)
Summary: Asuka has some feelings to figure out and a case at a ski resort with Shuntaro only complicates things further.

Drama Character:


* Familiarity with the Strange, by vesperregina. (Gen; G)
Summary: In which Yukawa's new partner, Kishitani Misa, realizes just how strange Yukawa is, and Utsumi's at a loss in dealing with him -- again.

* Unfair Advantage, by vesperregina. (Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu; G)
Summary: Who, when presented with a button, can resist pressing it?

Hebi ni Piasu

* Last Name, by yumenosete. ("Ama (Kora Kengo) x Lui (Yoshitaka Yuriko) [Snakes and Earrings]"; R)
Summary: And then it turned into "Oh no, what have I done?" And I don't even know his last name.

Love Shuffle

* House of Cards, by melonpaan. (PG-13)
Summary: Four couples, sixteen possibilities, a game of chance. Ante up.

Tokyo Dogs

* What Will Never Be, by novemberbaby. (Matsunaga Yuki/Takakura Sou; PG)
Summary: He said he would protect her, but she wanted him to be safe, too.

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